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Product Line Consulting - Product Design & Development - Sales & Marketing


For over 20 years, we have assisted our global clients in exploring and entering new markets. Our Designs, Developments, Products and Relationships have created over 4 Billion USD in Sales worldwide.

Whether you’re seeking a strategic alliance with the right partner or a special skillset or tool, our marketing, sales and consulting services range from strategic planning to creative and from sales to after the sale service. Our product development and design services work with your current team to develop or modify your existing products to meet or exceed merchant’s expectations.

Together we’ll create and refine your sales plan for long terms success. We didn’t get there alone and neither will you. Capitalize on our experience, connections, relations, and network of over 13,800 multi-channel clients worldwide - Specialty Retailers, Garden Centers, Department Stores, Hardware Stores, DIY Stores, Wholesale Clubs, Mail Order Catalogs, E-Commerce, Hotels & Resorts, Design & Architect Firms, Cruise Industry. 

While working in harmony with your team and combining our teams multi-channel experience and in-depth knowledge, results are guaranteed. Nothing is quick and easy, but we will assure you that we can package your program and get your products in front of the decisions makers and fast.

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OUR APPROACH - How we acquire new business and ensure your success.


Prior to sales, our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify product gaps and sales opportunities. The comprehensive report includes a project plan with timelines, target clients and milestones.  We revitalize product lines with our creative product design teams and sales campaigns with our revenue winning sales teams, global network and relations. 

· Discover corporate objectives & market synergies 

· Evaluate your line and capabilities

· Competitor analysis and sales Matrixes  

· Determine your multi-channel client deficiencies and obstacles

· Work in harmony with your team to fast track

· Develop appropriate sales collateral 

· Strategically target clients in multi channels

· Initiate sales

OUR NICHE - How we sell into the market and the criteria for each potential client


Sales and marketing are often used interchangeably. Selling and marketing, however, are not one in the same. In fact, marketing and sales are two completely different activities. In a world where customers are more informed and more demanding, we provide the ability to understand the customer's concept of what he or she wants to accomplish.

· Create the opportunities 

· Explain the competitive advantage 

· Promote the compelling reason to buy

· Overcome multi-channel obstacles

· Convince the customer to buy

· Vendor set up & on boarding assistance

· Long terms sales and training 

· Get proper feedback from the customer 

where we focus

A Few Of Our Clients

Specialty Retailers, Garden Centers, Department Stores, Hardware Stores, DIY Stores, Wholesale Clubs, Mail Order Catalogs, E-Commerce, Hotels & Resorts, Design & Architect Firms, Purchasing Companies, Management Companies, Cruise Industry. 

Key Territories

Our revenue winning sales teams, global network and relations concentrate on North America and the Western & Eastern Carribean

Meet Our Board

David Di Meco

David Di Meco has travelled the world for over 30 years establishing profitable business relationships between ambitious manufacturers and credible clients.  From University in Boston to Saatchi & Saatchi, Founder of DDMGROUP International , Directed Frontgate  Contract, Designer of the Zero Gravity Chair & The Side Mount Umbrella, living and working experience on the Spot in  North America, China and Western & Eastern Europe. David is fluent in Italian and English.

Chad Harper

Chad is one of the top pioneering sales managers in the outdoor furniture industry. For over 15 years he successfully organized, developed and managed mutilpe lines throughout North America, Mexico and the Islands.His expertise lies within the recruitment , training and implementation of sales forces in contract/commercial channels. His knowledge of company operations and sales enables him to create and adapt to companies and product lines needs.

Erin Sullivan

After spending nearly a decade at a mass merchant  , Erin Joined America's premier luxury direct to consumer retailer,  spending over 19 years in merchandising, product development, and planning, ultimately  becoming EVP/GMM.   Erin's experience from product development to purchasing, planning and sourcing  is immense. Her deep knowledge of multiple product categories is a huge asset. Her ability to understand the end consumer is undeniable and her dedication to grow business reaches far beyond the imaginable  

Salvatore Simonetti

Salvatore started his career in Italy's  prestige furniture industry. His dedication to the trade led him travelling around Europe and Japan in the pursuit of Italian design for export. Salvatore works with passion and develops well thought out brilliant results in every aspect of product development. His processes ensure all products follow procedures of international quality control requirements. For decades he has worked with David Di Meco and plays a important role in product development.

Mike Ryan

Mike is established and well rounded consumer products sales director with nearly 25 years of multi-industry and product expertise specializing in brick & mortar and ecommerce. His extensive experience and knowledge in merchandising, analysis. promotional planning , assortment development and ecommerce has a consistent proven track record of delivering top and bottom line results and maintaining strong client relationships in multi-channels.

Elmara Bosio

Elmara's multi country experience rivals the best. Her professional fluency in German, French, Italian and English give hear a great advantage in understanding the merchants and end consumers desires. Her multi task capabilities and drive are crucial to our success.

Her 30 years experience and relations in the home goods and camping industries on international levels are a huge asset. Elmara has been with DDMGROUP since its early days.  


Jordy Marin

Jordy is a very curious individual with a very eclectic mind. His curiosity might be his biggest creative asset along with his always evolving expertise in designing and producing media which is his lifelong passion. His studies include a Fine Arts degree, a Graphic Design specialization, Computer Graphics Artist Degree from The International Academy of Design and Technology in Toronto, several photography workshops, software workshops and many others. Jordy heads our team of ideating all the concepts and strategies we present to our clients and overseeing the quality of the media we produce.

Lorenzo Di Meco

 Lorenzo is the youngest on our team and our liaison with better understanding millennials and their decisions processes. As a college student in USA, Lorenzo has spent his summers and holidays at factories and with clients throughout Europe and China. His experience and creative assistance on product photo shoots and videos spans 3 continents. Born in Italy, Lorenzo’s multi-cultural background, experience and understanding the younger end consumer assists our team with closing the gap between European Clients and North American Clients.  

Danny Gomes

Daniel is a passionate about creativity-Graphics Designing, Art Direction, Advertising, Branding. He carrying over 10 years of experienced. His expertise in High end Video Editing, Audio Editing, UI Design for website, Mobile App. He is versatile with all marketing communication materials with latest trends and techniques. He always balance looking fresh with being effective. He holding Bachelor Degree in Commerce, Master Degree in Advertising, also a Video Production Diploma from SAE. Daniel leading our Design team.


Ellen DiSalvo


Ellen is the apex of the organization. For over 40 years, she has identified companies’ inefficiencies and has spearheaded reorganization processes in administrative and management infrastructures efficiently and effectively. Ellen’s love for a tightly run office along with her dedication to get the job done is huge asset. We are fortunate to have her knowledge and experience on our team. After decades of trade shows, Ellen is content heading our back office and serves as the primary contact for internal offices and assists on special projects and new business development.

special creative focus

Forensic and Expert Testimony Services

DDMGROUP’S Forensic & Expert Products Division is specialized to provide a presentation on third opinion and scientific evidence on information and evidence previously reviewed by the prosecution and defense experts.

Our experienced team tests evidence and gathers technical information related to the cases. When testing evidence, we follow standard lab protocols and procedures. We proceed step-by-step, in an orderly and logical way, to obtain the test results, facts and information on which conclusions are based.  After gathering information, we develop that information into effective reports that are written in plain English, reflect use of the scientific method, experience and include valid documentation. We work together with the attorneys or courts to stay focused on the most important issues in the case and to help each other understand technical and legal terms. 

Our experience, reports and testimony can greatly convince the judge or jury in your favor. All our work is highly knowledgeable, organized, alert, unflappable and ethical.

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